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Amend your Illinois Dispensary Application for a perfect score now! Don't miss out on the lottery.

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Are you amending your Illinois Dispensary Application in pursuit of a perfect score and a shot at the lottery? We can provide free assistance, but you need to call soon!

Our union can provide real value to companies that are pursuing their Illinois Adult Use Dispensary,  Craft Grower, Infuser and Transporter  Licenses.

We offer:

• A free, fair and flexible Labor Peace Agreement, that fulfills all requirements of H.B. 1438, and provides vital points towards an applicant’s Labor and Employment practices section. Page 13 line 20 of H.B. 1438 defines Labor Peace Agreements for Illinois Adult Use Cannabis businesses.

• Assistance in helping applicants demonstrate that they will provide living wage jobs (see page 96 of H.B. 1438). Remember, in a highly competitive application process, every point will count, and you will need that perfect score to get into the lottery.

• A commitment to assist with government relations and community organizing to ensure that applicants we partner with have the best chance to win zoning approval for their favored locations. This is key in Chicago, where a mere 30% of registered voters in any given precinct can petition to torpedo any adult use cannabis dispensary.

• A predictable, fair and standardized labor management relationship that resolves routine workplace concerns fairly and quickly, while helping employers avoid costly litigation and regulatory issues.

• A streamlined approach to labor relations. We can provide you with a Labor Peace Agreement for all of your non-supervisory cannabis business employees - eliminating the need to deal with multiple unions and agreements.

Don't miss out on points for your application!


Contact Workers United TODAY! Email or Phone.


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