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Do you work in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Industry and or the new Illinois Adult Use Cannabis Industry? If so, Workers United (an SEIU affiliate) is the right union for you.


When you and you coworkers join together to form a union with Workers United, you gain the right to bargain as equals with management over your wages, benefits and working conditions. With a union, you truly have a voice on the job, and you don’t have to simply accept whatever your employer offers. Indeed, with Workers United you have a voice and a seat at the table, and your solidarity with your co-workers gives you the power to win significant improvements at your job.


The data couldn’t be clearer. On average, unionized workers enjoy 27% percent higher wages than their non-union counterparts, and pay significantly less for medical and retirement benefits.


Your employer may not be thrilled that you are joining a union because some bosses (but certainly not all) do not want to share their money or their power. However, your right to join a union is guaranteed by federal law, and the decision to unionize or not is up to you and your coworkers – not your employer.



To learn more, contact Pete DeMay at cell: (773)791-1428

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